Manifesto: Interactive Music


Digital and physical waste are processed and refined into heavily personal, overtly surreal interventions. I work to build reconstructions of my own memories. I aim to arm and embedded newfound humanity into our media detritus in order to provoke questions of personal history, ownership, place, nostalgia, and similitude. A new and yet familiar identity allows for the object to hold within itself a simultaneous shift between a meditation on media uniformity and the “specialness” of perceived creativity . Upon inspection of my work, our lives and personal narratives become processed and refined – “is this a religious experience?” “can I connect with this?” “Does this make me feel redemptive?”

Experience Gained from extensive cross-continental touring of the American and Canadian landscapes, i want to reflect the places i have been been and the power of those memories. I am dedicated to practicing my craft responsibly in regards to the socio-economic realities regarding burgeoning artist communities and existing communities at large. I plan to respect this for the rest of my life.