Rush Limbaugh says “pneumonia”


Rush Limbaugh – Pneumonia.  

Talk radio and myself have a strong connection, mainly due to my ownership of an automobile and a taste for the AM frequencies. As a non resident alien (I am Canadian) within the United States, I have a good mind of contrast between my home country’s radio and the radio that is broadcast in the United States. Whereas the number one show in the United States is that of a right wing conservative, the only attempt at a right-of-center radio platform in Canada, Sun news Network, would last only from 2011 to 2015 as it failed to find a buyer after its owner, Quebecor, shut down the Sun News Network altogether for lack of audience. The incredible pervasiveness of right wing, conservative radio in the United States has gripped me since I have moved south. So, who is it that we are all listening to?


As propagated by the many bugle calls of his show, the right wing conservative Rush Limbaugh is in fact the most listened to voice in America. With a CUME (cumulative weekly audience) of 13.25 million unique listeners per week, The Rush Limbaugh show is the most listened to talk radio program in the United States. Out of the 10 most listened to radio programs in the USA, four are conservative talk radio and if we exclude music from that same list, 5 of the top 10 are conservative talk shows. The seconds highest ratings go to the NPR program Morning Edition, who as a network have a demographic that is largely Democratic (as reported by Talkers, the leading publication covering talk radio, the NPR audience is 17% republican, 37% Independent, 43% Democratic here is a visual resource published by NPR visualizing its audience). It is hard to grasp who these statistics and ratings truly represent and whether or not they can be used to adjust our lens of the political climate within the country.


BUT! Let us look at this passage from a very informative article from Politico,


“First and foremost, I’m a businessman,” he [Limbaugh] told the biographer Zev Chafets in 2008. “My first goal is to attract the largest possible audience so I can charge confiscatory ad rates. I happen to have great entertainment skills … that enables me to sell airtime.”


A businessman and an entertainer, with the ability to get high ratings – this sounds very familiar to a man who Rush has neither aligned himself with nor campaigned against.

In fact, Rush and Trump do share some savvy tactics, but unfortunately for the voice of America, such traits have proved to be ill timed if not altogether ill advised. Where Rush failed to denote Trump’s easing of his immigration policies as a flipflop, he found it a lot harder than his party leader to explain his contradictory behaviour to his audience. When on air callers challenged him on his alignment with the policies of republican candidate, it was painfully obvious that he doesn’t subscribe to any ideology at all and simply propagates the party, and refuses to go against it regardless of road that party will take in actuality. I would imagine it must be embarrassing for the “Voice of America” to have to play ideological catch up to his party leader each time he decides to once again change his tone, and when you’re as emphatic and boisterous as Rush tends to be, I would imagine the sweat would start to bead more and more intensely after each town hall.


The intention of my supercut is to show the sublime tactics of the man whose talent is “on loan from God”. This here is a compilation of the word “pneumonia” from 3 shows (September 12th, 14th, and 16th) after Hillary Clinton’s admission of having pneumonia.