Week 3 Arcade Cabinet Design:

Games located at Barcade – 6 St. Marks Place



Game 1: GYRUSS

Style: Flying shooter

Control: 360 degree Joystick

Motion of Control: Circular

Perspective: forced 3D perspective

Orientation: Flying forward through space

Final Thoughts: Firstly, the music in this game is awesome. Super catchy and makes you want to progress further into the game. The controls are intuitive but it can get complicated when you are forced to fly upside down. I’d rather be restrained to the lower half of the screen like in Galaga.



Style: Vertical shooter

Control: Trackball

Motion of Control: Side to Side with limited up and down movement

Perspective: 2D

Orientation: Shooting upwards at enemies

Final Thoughts: A classic game, and you can feel it. The trigger felt sluggish and stiff, however that could have been due to upkeep of the machine. Personally not a game that would keep me pumping in the quarters to achieve highscores or personal satisfaction. Overall I didn’t feel very satisfied to progress and was looking forward to a more fast paced game like Gyruss of Galaga. The trackball control was the most enjoyable experience of the game as it was surprisingly fluid and responsive. I would like to experiment with a trackball for in my personal projects.


Game 3: GALAGA

Style: Fixed Shooter

Control: Joystick

Motion of Control: Side to Side only

Perspective: 2D

Orientation: fixed to the bottom of the screen and shooting upwards at enemies

Final Thoughts: Easily my favorite golden age arcade game. Fell in love with this at a tavern in Port Jefferson, Long Island. No music but good sound effects. Satisfying as any game could be. The enemies have great patterns which are challenging but do not feel unfair, even at the most difficult stages. The fact orientation of this game is perfect as you are limited to the x axis of the bottom of the screen. The joystick moves quickly and is very responsive. Having limitations on movement allows you to evade enemies with with reflex, rather than guesswork. Overall, this is my favorite classic arcade game and I don’t imagine that changing any time soon.


Bart VS Corn

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 2.07.47 PM.pngCreativity can take you anywhere. Artistic practice leads to artistic pieces and projects. Game design is unlike any task I have taken on. Not only is there the style, the personality, the design, the tone – but I have found that even in the most constrained games, there is an infinite amount of ground and space in which you need to cover. Even a game that takes place in one small room, there are generative elements which come and go, doors which must be opened or closed, and the physics of the universe must be accounted for or disregarded.

I am happy to have programmed a moveable character and item which have lives of their own. I really look forward to learning more about scripts as well as being able to program parallax scrolling backgrounds.