• Title of project: Rusty
  • Found Object: Animal Kennel
  • Brand:  Petmate
  • Model: Deluxe Vari Kennel Jr.
  • Microprocessor: Arduino UNO
  • Sensors:  Parallax Optical Distance Sensor,
  • Speakers: 1 10 inch Traynor bass speaker


Rusty will utilize Parallax optical distance sensor to observe the viewer’s distance in a 360 degree capacity. The closer the viewer’s face gets to the cage, the louder the dialogue from within will become. As the viewer gets closer the bass of the speaker will allow for large scale vibrations adding to the sounds becoming more physical in nature (We can think of Rusty like a storm; the recorded dialogue is the rain and the speaker vibrations are the thunder). The panels and cage door will be covered in opaque acrylic to ensure mystery about the contents and drive curiosity into the viewer. The recording inside will be modeled after an episode of mental exhaustion and a extreme social situational anxiety. Only after opening the door of the Kennel will the volume of the event fade and the sound of wind will be played. Upon closing the door the wind recording will be played backwards as to simulate the regression of the piece back into mental undoing.



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