Temporary Expert Week 3

Ocean Acidification Week 3:

I have started to look for information resources,both locally and around the country. There are many resources to look into with many with accredited professionals, scientists and analysts easily located through government websites or research journals. Newspaper articles, such as Our Deadened, Carbon Soaked Seas, written by Richard W. Spinrad, the Chief Scientist of the US National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, was instrumental in pointing me in the direction of professionals in the fields of oceanography and climate science.
My research led me to another enlightening interview on the NOAA FISHERIES website Making the Connection Between Climate Fisheries done with Jonathan Hare, Chief of Oceanography Branch, whose job description reads as follows:

“Oversees NEFSC CTD Program and EcoMon Program including the Ship of Opportunity Continuous Plankton Recorder survey and Research Vessel Plankton Monitoring surveys; research interests include fisheries oceanography; use of oceanographic information in single-species and ecosystem assessments; effects of climate change on fishery species; structure and function of the northeast U.S. continental shelf Large Marine Ecosystem, technology development to improve the monitoring of marine ecosystems; biological and physical processes that drive the dynamics of marine fishes, early life stage biology and ecology.”

If my goal over the next 3 months is to research and analyze data for the use and implementation in a experimental and enlightening public project, I want to get out there and into the water and into the mud. I am in touch with Mr. Hare and awaiting his email back. I am looking for any opportunity to visit the James J. Howard Marine Sciences Laboratory and learn more about the work that is going on there. I am absolutely excited to begin work on the midterm and final project using art as a medium to enlighten people on Ocean Acidification.
My background is in Media art, specifically video and I hope to implement this medium in my final project.


List of Experts:

Jon Hare –  Chief of Oceanography Branch at NOAA

Simone Alin – Ph.D. Supervisory Oceanographer. Ph.D., Geosciences (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology minor), University of Arizona,

Dr. Richard W. Spinrad – Chief Scientist at NOAA

Ian Boyd – UK colleague of Jon Hare



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