ICM and PCOMP Update NOV 30th: Radio Controller

Last week, after working hard to get my potentiometers working the way I wanted, I was left with a feeling of eerie satisfaction. I had more or less accomplished a large aspect of my project, which made me happy, yet, I after accomplishing a large portion of the “How” in my project, all that i could keep thinking about was “What next?”.

So, I had made a potentiometer change video and sound, in sync, properly looping and pausing as I intended to happen. I had birthed the idea from my mind and into a world where you could touch it. With just a pot hanging of off a breadboard and a large projection, the project was taking shape. I had many people user test and the experience seemed natural, for the most part. The functionality was there and project had clarity breathed into it. But, how then to make the interaction completely natural, the type of natural where I don’t feel like I have to have to be within two feet of the project and the user.

The answer is to provide an intuitive, recognizable piece of machinery to play with. Everyone has tuned a radio before, it’s a classic interactive controller. I am excited to see how this goes.

My jobs for the rest of the week:


Go through footage and select clips I prefer
Edit songs to start at proper times
Create some sort of static effect
-The left knob controls the opacity of the overlaying car image
-The Right knob controls the clip you view
– the 5 selector buttons control the song you listen to

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