Happy Halloween y’all. Over the last 10 days I have been making a short film for a  halloween inspired short film festival/party. I decided to make my film about an alien abductee trying to convince the world of his experience with extra terrestrials. I chopped up my film and designed my project as a choose your own adventure/surveillance style video page. It was a fun project to design, however implementing the videos to play/pause/cue as I wanted was difficult. I worked with the residents to de-bug, re-code, de-bug, re-code for about 2 days to get the videos and CSS style elements to work in tandem. There were many times where I wish I could have just spoken to p5 to tell it exactly what to do i.e. “p5, please align all the button to the right” – however, my machine did not listen to my voice, only to my code. I used a closure for the first time to have to make the videos toggle correctly – I think my brain is still trying to rebuild itself and being broken by that logic.

Unidentified U.N.I.I.F.

I think this is a strong medium for me to work in and I look forward to focusing on a larger project using narrative elements.wallpaperunif


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