PCOMP week 5 – experimenting with mood.


We have been learning a lot with tangible buttons and how they work when a user interacts with them. After our synthesis lab, I was curious to see how something may be able to act as if it has a mind of its own. After tracking down a suitable experiment through the Arduino Projects for Dummies handbook, I found a LED Mood Pet. The idea is to write code that will run on a random function to put LED’s in sequence that will display a mood. With three different colored LEDs I was able to run an experiment that would allow the mood to change over time, using the random function to display different values of brightness for the LEDs. The general idea is that when the green and blue LEDs are lit, the mood is happy, and when the red LED is lit up, the mood is angry. In the beginning I could not get the mood to change faster or at intervals which would give a quickly gratifying experience, the code was originally meant for something that you can experience over a longer period of time. Each time I tried to make the random function run faster I ended up breaking the code. Eventually I was able to manipulate the code to move faster, by making the random function wick between smaller values. It seemed obvious in the end compared to my original idea which was playing with the delay. I am going to try and boil down the code so that it could run on sensor based inputs, perhaps a motion sensor or a sound sensor, rather than the random, time based phases.

The Little Happy Pet

Mood Light

Building a cute inclosure for this would enhance the humanity or – let’s say natural essence of the experiment. Using our new found ability to create tone would enhance the idea of mood, so placing a speaker inside of an enclosure would do wonders to help this project. As Dan O’Sullivan has stated many times in my ICM class, sound is one of the great way to enhance a project.

Potential for sound – (this is a video from last week, but it shows the kind of sounds and light phases that could help this Arduino pet come to life)


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