ICM week 5 and Synthesis Lab

Synthesis Button: Lay your head and Read and uplifting message

Last week we gathered for our synthesis lab. Ian, Jordan and I took on a soft button / text display model. We put our strengths together to come up a design that would have compelling elements of touch and sound. I felt my strengths came out in the design of the interface – where to place the button, how users with interact with the button and how the text display would look. I found myself designing the interface based of a project which I was trying to create earlier in the week, a poem that you can scroll through and read. It seemed simple but before I had the ability to set my quotes in an array, I could not manage to make it work. Creating this project with Jordan and Ian gave me a lot of inspiration and knowledge as to how to make this idea come to life. Not only did we have text which utilizes a button (before I was thinking mouse press) but it now has an interface which allowed the user to use a different part of their body to control the text on screen. This got me thinking about the versatility of the Arduino and p5 working together. Our idea started off in a nice and light way –  a place where you can go to pound your head in times of desperation and in return you get an uplifting quote to calm you down – fitting for the anxiety I am sure we all felt during the beginning of our synthesis experience. It was nice to see that in the end people would take there time and equated the soft button to more of a pleasurable experience. I am not surprised that something  soft to the touch and matched with something whimsical to read made people laugh and relax.

photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1


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