Visual Language Week 4: Sherwin-Williams.

Sherwin-Williams Logo:


This logo caught my eye last July while I was visiting my family back home. I live in small neighbourhood in Vancouver which was amalgamated into the city in 1905. It retains a lot of its historical buildings and roads, providing the rustic character and feel of the neighbourhood. There are many parks, markets, and even the Kerrisdale Clock where you can find many residents sitting beside, watching birds, reading, watching life pass them by…

kclockKerrisdale  it has its place in time, and often I think it will stay there forever.


This is a picture of my high school, Point Grey Secondary. Before 1929, it was a Woman’s Mental Health Hospital.

Kerrisdale to me, is simply stuck in history, somewhere in the 1940’s and 1950’s.  This is why when I crossed by paint shop last July – what took me off guard was how perfectly in place this logo looked – pinned up against the glass in all its horrific glory. This logo is an incredible visual representation of an time gone by. It just pummels into my head colonialism, war, the oil and petroleum business, capitalism, and communism. Somehow in Kerrisdale, it fits the bill. Just as my neighborhood is stuck in time, so is the Sherwin-Williams logo. If you asked any elderly person around my neighborhood if you think Kerrisdale needs an update,I doubt they would be in favor of this idea at the next town meeting. Switch to the board meeting at Sherwin-Williams and I am sure they are real content livin’ in a bygone era.

This logo was made in the 1890’s and patented in 1906. Created by a single advertising executive at Sherwin-Williams – it really does reflect that era, an unregulated, led based, air polluted time. It seems to me they were aware of their significance even in the 19th century. They are now the 2nd biggest paint supply company in the world.


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